My name is – as heavily suggested by the name currently inhabiting your browser bar – Thor Rutgersson. I am a Swedish writer and sometime musician/songwriter. Most of what I do is in Swedish, but there are some bits and pieces – like my pop albums and some of the writing – available in English. And I’ve spent some time in Brussels, writing briefing papers on Adult Education and international solidarity. So, I thought it fair and proper to have a special nook of my website dedicated to communicating through the noble English language – so that those of you who have yet to master Scandinavian might still be able to enjoy yourselves whilst visiting my home in cyberspace. Yes, I grew up in the nineties.

OK, so I’m not going to make like a duplicate website – that would be silly and I don’t know how something like that would work. Instead, think of this as your guide to the parts of the website that’s relevant for you, dear English speaker and reader. Below, I’ll give a brief rundown on things that might interest you – and then I’ll tell you what Swedish words to click to get there. Does that sound OK? Think of it as a kind of game. Like those multimedia adventures you could get on CD-ROMs back in the day. Point and click. Again, yes, I was eight years old in 1990.

Briefing papers

I've worked with non-formal Adult Education for about twelve years, on and off. Some of that time was spent in Brussels, writing briefing papers for organisations like EAEA (European Association for the Education of Adults) and SOLIDAR (a European network of Civil Society Organisations working to advance social justice in Europe and worldwide). You can find some of them by clicking on “Rapporter/Skrifter” in the menu on top of the site. If the name of the paper is written in English – that’s for you! Simple enough. Now roll the dice and be on your way (this suddenly turned into some sort of lame D&D). 


Now, I love writing music and my pop albums are all with English lyrics. To find them, click on “Musik” in the menu on top of the site. I know it’s tricky, because in English, music is spelt with a C at the end, not with a K. But somehow, I think you would’ve figured this one out without my help. Either way, I like to be thorough. And to prove it, I’ll also take this opportunity to point out that there’s a music video (all in English) hiding under the weird pseudonym “Musikvideo”, in the menu on top of the site. You can find all the songs on most streaming sites (there’s links to Spotify under “Musik”).

Freelance writing

Since I’ve done a bit of writing before, in English, I wouldn’t turn down a freelance gig if you offered (depending on availability). I mostly write for NGOs, and within the field of Adult Education and Civil Society. But with the right level of encouragement I could write a few words for big oil and gas companies as well. Maybe the tobacco industry needs some new briefing papers? No, I kid, I kid. Take a look at the English papers under “Rapporter/Skrifter” (in the menu at the top of the site) and if you think I’m the guy for the job, drop me a line (as we said in the nineties) over at (or call me at +46 73 073 27 31). I can bill you using a fancy company called Firmify, so it’s all easy, even on international waters.

Photos and press pics

Pictures have no language –  at least not a written one. So if you click “Pressbilder” you’ll get access to downloadable pics in high res that you can use to create real size dolls with my face on them. Or, you know, for print if you write about me in a magazine or something.